Rate and Payment Information:

We make it a point of pride to provide services at a lower rate than comparably-experienced neutrals in our area.
Although our rates in each case are set by agreement (and in some cases are set by the government agencies or courts involved), here are some representative examples of the rates we might charge in typical matters. Unless otherwise agreed, fees are shared equally by the parties and are paid either by advance retainer or at time of service:

Special education mediation and Individualized Education Program ("IEP") team meeting facilitation:
No charge to the parents or school district in cases within Oregon Department of Education jurisdiction; discounted rate for situations outside the Oregon public school system.

Court-appointed arbitrations:
vary with court; usually $100-150/hour, $500-1,000 maximum barring exceptional circumstances.

Private binding arbitrations (Oregon law, two "sides"):
Typically $100/hour for pre-arbitration work, $150/hour day of arbitration and thereafter.

Private binding arbitrations (California or other law, three or more sides, or amount in controversy over $100,000):
$150/hour pre-arbitration work, $200/hour day of arbitration and thereafter.

Mediation (two "sides," smaller cases):
Typically $100/hour pre-mediation, $150/hour day of mediation and thereafter.

Parenting Coordination (court-appointed):
varies; please contact us.

Project Mediator / Dispute Resolution Panel / court references:
no charge to be named in contract documents; fees vary from $100/150 to $200/250 (pre-hearing/hearing) depending on size of project, amount in dispute, number of parties, and court.

Travel time
: Where extended travel is needed, we may be able to reduce rates to allow us to cost-effectively work for courts, agencies, and other clients throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Central and Eastern Oregon, Washington, and California.

Paying invoices:

Ordinarily, our fees are due either in advance (by retainer) or at the time of service. You may pay by check at this address, or may use a credit card or wire transfer using the PayPal button below. (PayPal is safe, reliable, and confidential.)
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