Client Testimonials

"You are at the top of our request list for mediators." (School district special education administrator)

"I had basically reached the conclusion that there was no agreement to be had ... and that we were just going to have to try the case, which would have been expensive and emotionally costly for both parties. I was very impressed with the way that you were able to guide them to that middle ground. I think they left both feeling like they had done the right thing and put their child first, which at least lays the groundwork for a possibility of cooperative future co-parenting." (Attorney)

"I just wanted to let you know that in the cold light of day, I still think you worked a miracle yesterday. You're very, very good at what you do, and I hope you went home feeling like you'd done a good day's work, because if everyone sticks to the plan put forth yesterday, [our child] is the clear winner." (Party)

"Although I would have made a pretty penny going to trial, this was just so much better an outcome." (Attorney)

"Thank you for your work on the session. I really thought it would be a tough one but you pulled it off again." (Government agency workplace mediation administrator)

"Excellent work ... Thank you so much! Glad to have mediators like you!" (Federal agency Equal Employment administrator)

"I gave you an 'excellent' rating." (Court settlement program administrator)

"I've been doing this job for thirty years, but I learned something from you today. Do you teach?" (Management-side labor negotiator)

"I'm sorry I'm crying. I'm just so relieved." (Parent following successful mediation of parenting-time dispute.)

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